They are competitively priced, have a wide variety of equipment and are responsive to business trends.

~Fred Franco, PSC Tacoma, WA

Flexible, Reliable Semi-Trailer Rental & Leasing

Upgrade your fleet without the hassle and expense of buying new equipment, by renting or leasing a tractor trailer through Mckinney Trailers. Whether you need a trailer for one day, two months, or five years, we create flexible and customized programs to meet your individual needs.

Plus, we’re happy to do full-service maintenance to ensure your trailer is in compliance with state and federal requirements and performs its best. With our superior equipment and diverse fleet, you can keep your business moving forward to meet the high expectations of your customers.

Rentals and Leasing

  • Trailer Leasing Open or Close

    Trailer Leasing

    Expand your existing fleet with a long-term lease. Leasing instead of buying allows you to reduce your initial investment and frees up capital to improve your business operations.

    • Full Service and Hassle-Free
      Mckinney handles administration of the taxes and licenses. We make sure your trailer is in compliance with state and federal requirements.
    • Decreased Maintenance Costs
      Mckinney's full-service trailer maintenance program assures your safety and increased productivity.
    • Flexibility and Cost Control
      As your business grows and your needs change, you can upgrade to a new trailer using the latest technology and customization. Our sales team is there to help with a wide variety of equipment and the expertise to handle your company's changing needs.
    • All the Support You Need
      We'll help you choose the plan that's right for you. Mckinney's leasing specialists are here to assist you every step of the way. Let us show you how easily and quickly we can have your trailer working for you.

    Find a Mckinney location near you, or learn more about our wide assortment of trailer equipment types, including vans, reefers, flatbeds, and chassis.

  • Trailer Rental Open or Close

    Trailer Rental

    Since 1988, we at Mckinney have been proud to say when you rent a trailer through us, you’ll immediately know why we’re the local favorite.

    • Renting short-term or long-term?
      We rent tractor trailers by the day, week or month. Whatever your needs, we’ll create a plan that’s just right for you.
    • Too busy to pick up your trailer?
      As part of our dedication to top-quality customer service, we can deliver your equipment directly to you and even pick it up when you’re done, anywhere within our extensive service areas.
    • In it for the long haul?
      Mckinney is right there with you. Hook up with Mckinney for a 53-foot air ride road trailer. We will have the trailer inspected and ready for the driver when he arrives.
    • Need maintenance?
      We’ve got you covered by our 24/7 nationwide roadside assistance and local mobile trailer repair, or you can visit our full-service shop at your nearest Mckinney branch.
    • Hauling one-way?
      Ask us about over the road trailers available for repositioning. If your needs are more local, we can provide cartage and storage trailers for more space or capacity.

    Every effort is made to ensure your equipment is clean and ready to use when you need it. Trailers can be picked up anytime at our branches from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, or you can arrange for your trailer to be picked up and delivered directly to you.

    Contact the Mckinney location nearest you for more information.


They are competitively priced, have a wide variety of equipment and are responsive to business trends.

~Fred Franco, PSC Tacoma, WA